STONEBOX® gabions are assembled, filled, vibrated and compacted in the quarry. They provide the solution to all your construction needs.

These modular, transportable gabions enable work to be completed quickly and very safely, with no waste to manage, and guarantee the durability of the construction project.

STONEBOX® features:

 A transportable closed box: a single U-shaped panel forms the base and the two largest sides (ensuring rigidity),

 5.5 mm diameter wire with a Galfan Crapal Premium® coating,

 Connection using the snap hooks on the sides,

 Horizontal double wire ensures the flatness of the panels.

STONEBOX® are filled and compacted either in our Comblanchien quarry, or on more remote sites using our mobile units (see Mobile production unit):

 They are filled with stones of 80 - 150 mm diameter,

 and can be used as stone covering for façades (see Stone-setting).

SETP is your specialist for gabions that are pre-filled, vibrated and compacted either in the quarry or on-site:


 Average production capacity of 200 m3 per day

 Permanent stock of around 1,500 m3

 Delivery service covering the whole of France

  • Aménagement des berges Orléans (45) - amenagement moderne berge gabion
  • Aménagement en gabions à Courbevoie (92) - Mur et paysage gabions stonebox
  • Aménagement urbain à Bagneux (92) - mur gabion aménagement centre ville bagneux
  • Mur de soutènement en gabions Le Havre (76) - mur soutènement gabions